Groups for the Fediverse

This is an ActivityPub server that can interact with any other ActivityPub server, including Mastodon. Every account created here is a Group account, which is a kind of bot for mass communication across servers.

How does it work?

Any post addressed to a Group by a follower gets reposted by the Group, so all followers can see it.

All posts are public, but you can restrict who can follow.

Join a Group

You can join a Group by:

  1. Find a Group in the directory or search for one.
  2. Copy the full account name, like @[email protected]
  3. Go to your Fediverse account's homepage.
  4. Search for the full account name.
  5. Follow the Group.
  6. Post to the group by mentioning it.

Create a Group

  1. Sign up for a Group account on this page.
  2. Follow the Group.
  3. Post a message addressed to the Group.
  4. The Group will repost it immediately, for all followers to see.
  5. Log in to manage your Group. You can block people from getting reposted or delete the Group.


This is a side project made by @[email protected]. The images were created using Midjourney.

For ideas, suggestions, or bugs, open a ticket on Github.