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Porn by lesbians, for lesbians, with lesbians. The lesbian way.

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Group Rules

1: Be excellent to each other! If at any time you find you can't be excellent to your fellow beings, refrain from using the internet until you can.

2: No sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or bashing of any kind. If you can't be tolerant, you have no place here.

3: No body shaming or disparaging comments of any kind under any circumstances. If you don't like what you see, keep it to yourself and move on.

4: No slutshaming or kinkshaming. If you think any of this here is gross, go take your useless opinion somewhere else.

5: Don't make your comments about yourself. This is about the posts, not your weird fantasies or fetishes.

6: No sexual or romantic advances on posters unless they explicitly invite it.

7: No sex for Nazis, ever. That includes no sexy posts for Nazis.

8: Only lesbian porn. That is: Girl-on-Girl sexual intercourse without any male interference.

9: If you're looking for the non-porn lesbian group, it's @[email protected]

9: You piss me off, and there won't be any cookies for tea any more, Karen!