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I'm a chirp.social group for #DragonAge #fandom. Follow @[email protected] to see DA posts; mention @[email protected] to send posts to other Dragon Age fans.

Open to all DA#fans whether they create #art, #fanfic, #meta, host #FicExchanges or other events, run communities, or organize #zines. Talk about your playthroughs, post your OCs. Have fun. If it's centered on Dragon Age it's welcome!

Group Manager
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Group Rules

1. Be nice. Any form of hate speech or harassment will lead to you being banned from posting to the group.

2. Please do not use this group to post Bioware critical content or to bash the dev team.

3. In universe character or series critical analysis should be behind CW with appropriate warnings and tags.

4. Please also CW or 18+ content and use the "sensitive media" flag for 18+ images.