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A #RollerDerby chirp.social group to help with discovery across instances! Follow me and mention me to join the conversation.

How’s this different from just following a hashtag? Search queries only fetch posts from accounts on your instance or that someone in your instance is already following. That means a breakdown in communication for people on smaller instances. This account should boost all posts that @ it from any federated server, which bridges that gap! :)


Group Manager
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Group Rules

1) No sexism, racism, ableism, transphobia, binarism... You know the deal.

2) Please untag the group if your response isn’t relevant to everyone following. Personal conversations sometimes get long!

3) Please CW as appropriate. This includes any graphic injury images.

4) Please add alt text to images. Please. Really. Follow @[email protected] for reminders if needed.

5) These rules are in English sorta by default but we welcome other languages! The world is plurilingual!